In 2012, I already had 3 shoulder bags that were starting to date (the oldest being from the early 90s) and apart from the last one which was already 5 years old, none were big enough to contain my new Pentax K5 reflex and its goals.

Well, after these few years of spending hours and hours looking for the ideal bag, I am finally happy with the last 4.

1/ The Case Logic SLRC203 shoulder bag which I use all the time, in my daily travels and which is my companion in town, not too big but sufficient to carry what I need and comfortable to carry.

2/ The DSL – Pro Runner 300AW which allows me to take my equipment with me and to be able to take everything out and put it back fairly quickly during airport checks, which also allows me to have a backpack when I am traveling for the short hikes, associated with the Case Logic SLRC203, for me it’s perfect for my trips.

3/ The flipside 200 is perfect for my mountain bike et ski outings but also for walks by the sea, it’s light, discreet (good on the back anyway!), it’s super practical.

4/ And then the 30L off-road backpack, it was designed as a real hiking backpack but also for easy and protective transport for photo equipment, as soon as we go to the mountains it’s the one I love. take away.

Ultimately it is not possible to have an ideal bag for all circumstances but it takes several.

MBut I’m still looking and maybe this bag project could interest me:

December 2012
D200 AW – Stealth Reporter – Lowepro

I buy the D200 AW – Stealth Reporter bag from the Lowepro brand which is worn over the shoulder with a waist strap.

Relatively practical but after several hours of carrying, it pulled a little on the back and the hips and I had to regularly change my shoulder.

November 2014
DSLR Video fastpack 350 AW – Lowepro

This is the DSLR Video fastpack 350 AW backpack still at Lowepro.

Much easier to carry and with a larger storage volume but also too bulky in town.

AuGUSTE 2015
Adventura 160 III – Lowepro

My old “small shoulder bag” starting to get tired (8 years old), I buy the Adventura 160 III tote bag from Lowepro.

November 2015
flipside 200 – Lowepro

The DSLR Video fastpack 350 AW was too bulky and not that practical and then I also wanted to be able to carry my camera during my mountain bike rides and so I bought the Lowepro 200 flipside bag. Really very compact, sufficient in capacity for a minimum of material and very practical the system of turning the bag by passing it from the back to the ventral flat position which allows relatively quick access to its material and without putting the bag down earth.

October 2018
off road 30L – Manfrotto

But for day hikes in the mountains where in addition to your photo equipment, you need to bring warm, rainy clothes (the weather is quickly changing in autumn and spring, but also sometimes in summer!), water and a snack… The DSLR Video fastpack 350 AW was badly designed for me and in the long run I suffered from back pain. So I bought the 30L off-road backpack from Manfrotto and everything changed. This backpack is a marvel, it was super well designed.

June 2019
DSL – Pro Runner 300AW – Lowepro

I sold the DSLR Video fastpack 350 AW and bought the DSL – Pro Runner 300AW backpack from Lowepro, which is lighter and ultimately more practical for transporting my equipment when going through airport checks.

November 2019

The Adventura 160 III tote bag had become a little too “small” to carry my SLR, my camcorder and my 300 mm lens, so I replaced it with the SLRC203 shoulder bag from Case Logic which is sufficiently containing and super practical.

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