History of the creation of my web sites

On December 3, 1995 equipped with a 56K modem (USRobotics model Sporters Flash), I made my debut on this electronic network that was beginning to talk about him, the Internet network.
Previously (1990 to 1995) I used a 19.2K modem on BBS networks (Bulletin Board System) which could be similar to the forums of today, I went there mainly to play chess online with people in France or on the other side of the world and that I did not know. And of course, no GUI, all in command line…
It was in May 1998
that I created my first website, it consisted of a few pages to rent our studio in the mountains. I had used a small software (whose name I have forgotten) to “make” these pages in HTML(1) language and then I used Microsoft Frontpage… At that time the Internet was still a little  “empty” of content to see/read.

In February 2000, I put online my second site, created with Frontpage, it is a site on fax (my job at the time) and that I never finished. It is still present on the web at: http://latelecopie.falanga.fr/ (on February 14, 2024 it has been 24 years that it is online!).
June 2003, I create another one for the rental of our studio in Trouville that I stopped in September 2015.

I regularly redid the rental site in the mountains:
In 2000, version 2.
In 2005, version 3.
In 2008, version 3.5.
In 2010, version 4.
November 2016, version 5.2 until February 2024.

From 2012, I used the CMS(2)Joomla (PHP(3) – MySQL(4)) to create my websites.

In August 2013, I created the first version presenting our trips in photos with the CMS(2)Joomla. And an annual subscription to Joomeo to host my photo galleries online until May 2021.
February 2017, Version 2 to 2.7 until June 2021.

October 2014 creation of a photo site presenting my photos in a more professional way as a photographer but also as webmaster with the CMS(2)Joomla. Site that I stopped in September 2018.Setting up an interactive world map where the places we visited are indicated with a link to the photo album concerned. Using uMap open source site.

September 2020, I decided to have an official status of photographer and I am an author-photographer since October 1, 2020.In order to promote my work as a photographer on the net, I create version 2 of my website presenting my photographic works.
 And this time I use the CMS(2) WordPress (PHP(3) – MySQL(4)), I buy a license  of the PhotoMe theme, specialized in the management and presentation of pro photo site.

May-June 2021, my site “travel in photos” changes to its version 3.0 (the one you are on, version 3.3). https://envoyages.fr/en/
Also created with WordPress, using the free Skyline WP template of the Colibri theme and the photo gallery management plugin (free version) of Modula replacing the paid photo gallery host Joomeo.

June 2021, I take a one-year subscription  to photodeck to create an online store that I stop in June 2022.

July 2022, I use the prestaShop e-commerce software  in free version to create my online store.

March 2023, I use Piwigo (open source photo library) which allows you to create and manage your photo library online for free. In replacement of the Modula plugin, easier to use and especially what allows me to have a photo library independent of my websites.

February 2024, version 6.0 of the mountain rental site. I am redoing this site no longer with the CMS② Joomla, version 3.0 of which has no longer been maintained since August 2023, but with the CMS WordPress. I use the free Explore the World template of PopularFX theme.

That’s it, I wanted to talk to you about one of my hobbies, webmaster “amateur”

(1) HTML: HyperText Markup Language.
(2)CMS: Content Manager System.
(3) PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.
(4) MySQL: My Structured Query Language, relational database management system.

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